Who is CleverMom?

There once was a clever girl who lived a semi-clever life, page toiling away in corporate america…


CleverGirl being clever. Notice the relaxation. Very non-mom of her.

A wellness professional by trade she spent her days coordinating and coaching hundreds of wonderful people at a wonderful company. This is why EvolutioNEST occasionally contains wellness sprinkles. Don’t worry, purchase she’s qualified to spread such things around the interwebs by these people and these people, and oh yeah, these people as well.

Through trying circumstances, life was gifted to her belly and CleverGirl soon became CleverMom. Well, relatively soon. Your standard 40 weeks and all that jazz. Plus quite a bit of trying, doctors appointments, specialists, surgeries… Ok, so it wasn’t “soon.”


Upon the arrival of her little energy ball of joy, CleverMom decided to focus her wellness efforts on her new family and left her life in corporate chaos with all the hopes and dreams of a naive new mom.

EvolutioNEST is her escape, her creative outlet, and in many ways her sanity saver. When she has time for that sort of thing.