5 Reasons Mom Besties Are the Best

There’s nothing quite like the camaraderie that is brought on by mutually suffering through parenthood. It can make a mom friend feel like she’s had your back for years. Your mom best friends are the best thing to happen since wine started coming in growlers, and here’s why:

  1. MBFs don’t need an explanation. They don’t flinch when you show up to their house 20 minutes late wearing a dirty shirt and smeared makeup because they already know your little man is going through “a phase.” They’ll let you explain if you need to vent, but canceled plans, dropped phone calls, missed texts, and your house looking like a scene from the walking dead just don’t phase your MBFs. Heck, you could even stop talking for a couple weeks and they’d just write it off as a growth spurt and welcome you back with open arms when you finally reappear from your zombie den of a house.
  2. They sense your need for mom fuel before you do. They show up to the park carrying a venti latte just for you. You show up to their house for a playdate and within minutes they open a bottle of wine. You get together for a stroller run and they suggest you just jog over to the coffee shop and get scones instead. They just get you.
  3. MBFs laugh at your mom fails. No, not with you. At you. Which is exactly what you need. You share your deep dark mom fail secret and they choke back tears of laughter. Next thing you know they have one-upped your fail with their own stories of dropped babies and ill-advised parenting decisions while reassuring you that you aren’t a bad mom, you’re a bad-ASS mom and that little mom-guilty voice in your head needs to shut her bitchy whore mouth.motherhoos
  4. They too are up at 3am. You’d be sitting there wanting to gauge your eyes out during the innumerable night wakings if it wasn’t for the text reading,”OMG kill me now.” that shows up right when you are about to lose it. You then spend the rest of the night swallowing down fits of laughter as you entertain each other with ScaryMommy articles and Mom Memes while competing to see who’s baby ends up having the worse night.
  5. MBFs don’t judge. You decided that you were going to sleep train but you backed out after one night. You decided you were going to “breastfeed only” and then realized breastfeeding kinda sucks and that formula is a godsend during the third growth spurt in as many months. You just had some wine with dinner but little man is losing his tiny little shit so you nurse him before the “recommended wait period.” MBFs don’t bat an eye. They know you love your little one even when you complain about them being a little turd muffin and they don’t hold pregnancy-you’s or two-month-ago-you’s parenting soapbox moments over you. Not maliciously anyway.

To all my MBF’s, I raise my glass of mom fuel to you!

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