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Original EvolutioNEST logo until it made me feel like a slacker. I mean look at that sleek ponytail. What a bitch.

Where Ma Ingalls aspirations evolve into merely avoiding dysentery on a daily basis.

We call him the plan wrecker.

I once thought that leaving my corporate career to be a SAHM would lead to blissful days of backyard homesteading, sales homemade jam, decease perfectly executed Moby wraps, pristine toilets, sci-fi marathons, and baby yoga. Because namaste people, namaste.

Then the universe gifted me my spirited bundle of joy. I imagine it then sat back laughing so hard it peed a little as it watched the first few terrifying weeks of shit hitting the fan.

I half expected a video message to be sent to me telling me not to blink. Don’t even blink. It was that eye opening. (Note: yes, there will be whovian sprinkles in this blog)

Our little love bug has thrown most of my aspirations and dreams of crunchy-nerdy-momma grandeur out our depressingly dirty windows. Of course, as we all say, I wouldn’t change a thing, but he sure has changed my mind about nearly everything I thought my SAHMyhood would be.

My garden is half dead, I now glare at the jam stands in the farmers market, my Moby almost strangled me, one of our bathrooms is completely torn apart, our doctor forbids TV marathons in front of the little man, and the closest thing I’ve gotten to a downward facing dog with my nugget is our awkward crib transfers.

My concept of what our “nest” would be has evolved. And it continues to do so on a daily basis.

Join me in my EvolutioNEST.
1. Car seat nursing

2. Random park nursing

3. On lap diaper change

4. Brewery distraction-a-thon

5. No AC nap strike

6. Mid hike diaper change and nursing, try partial nursing while standing
1. Car seat nursing

2. Random park nursing

3. On lap diaper change

4. Brewery distraction-a-thon

5. No AC nap strike

6. Mid hike diaper change and nursing, cialis partial nursing while standing
I sometimes cringe when I think back to what I used to tell my mom clients. You see, prostate
in my pre-mom life I was the Senior Wellness Specialist at a corporate wellness center. I had a wide variety of clientele, including pregos, new moms, and veteran mommy warriors.

Despite my ability to provide the most current and by the book advice and guidance, I was truly ignorant to what these women where going through and what they really needed.

My pregnancy and mommyhood  was a big wake up call. (If you are reading this my dear, poor, former client, I am so very sorry. I done ya wrong.)

This post is the first in a series of free workouts that will hopefully help clear my conscience for all the lame advice and pathetic attempts at fitmom plans I previously provided.

Before You Get Started

One major component of post natal fitness that my old plans lacked was the development of concrete kegel and transverse abdominus (TA) strength. A solid foundation of strength in the pelvic floor and deep abs is essential for both postpartum fitness success and injury prevention.

To properly execute the exercises in this plan, you MUST know how to kegel and TA contract properly. To assist with this, please refer to the following videos:


TA Contraction:

Please also insure that your doctor is on board with you starting a workout routine. Feel free to send this workout to them directly to make sure everyone is on the same page!

As always, there is risk when starting any fitness program. Please refer to our website disclaimer and above all, listen to your body.

The Plan

This workout is designed to be supplemental to an already established cardiovascular and flexibility routine. If you have not started a basic cardio and flexibility fitness routine you may still use this program, but I encourage you to consider adding one in! I promise to provide one soon, but for now please refer to the following resources:

Note: Please excuse the rather strong filter on the photos. I was trying to fix the bad lighting of the photos so you could see me better, which it did, but it made me look rather orange, oily, and more jacked than I am. I swear I take more showers than that filter would imply. Most of the time. 😉

My Random Musings

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