20 Simple Swaps for Eco-Friendly Living

Worried you have to give up convenience for green-ness? Well worry no more! Try these super easy swaps to get your life moving in an eco-friendly direction. (no compost bin necessary!)

  1. Reusable grocery bags. It’s a cliche suggestion because it’s a good one! To save even more money, troche instead of buying a bunch of new cloth ones reuse the plastic bags you already have. The are super easy to fold up and toss in your purse so you always have them!
  2. Switch your food storage to glass/Pyrex. They last longer and are more Eco-friendly.
  3. Choose zero-packaged foods – there is nothing to toss!
  4. Invest in rechargeable batteries – saves money and it’s so nice to never run out.
  5. Change your water heater temp to 120 instead of 140. Stupid easy switch that saves money and the environment.
  6. Wash clothes in cold water – they get just as clean and it saves cash! No special soap needed.
  7. LEDs instead of incandescent light bulbs – next time you buy a bulb, this buy LED.
  8. Low-flow faucet filter – easy to install, approved and saves water.
  9. DIY cleaners (no really, it’s easy…and CHEAP!)
  10. Cloth towels and napkins – no paper waste and they make you feel fancy ūüėČ
  11. Lower ply toilet paper – less waste and less cost!
  12. Switch out the thermostat – a programmable, is more efficient saving money and energy!
  13. Turn things off/unplug – or get a timer power strip!
  14. Donate, don’t trash – bring things to the goodwill or sell at a consignment.
  15. Use gift bags, not wrap – they are easier to save and reuse!
  16. Towel dry your hair first – saves time and energy when blow drying!
  17. Plug your sink to rinse or wash dishes – It’s simple and more convenient than turning the faucet on and off!
  18. Swap your bottled water for a water filter and reuseable bottles. BONUS: Save the plastic bottles you do have/buy and make new water bottles at home to have on hand!
  19. Bring reusable utensils and dishes to work. Store in the office and wash in the sink there. Bye bye daily paper coffee cup and stir stick!
  20. Buy used or electronic options when you can – less clutter and less waste!

BONUS: Watch this video on hand washing and learn an awesome trick to reduce your waste when “going on the go.” 


What are your favorite Eco-Friendly swaps?


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