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Rainbow Dough Balls of Failure 2

So there I was minding my own business playing with the little munchkin when I had the fantastic idea to do some developmental games with him. Because you know, pills that’s how we anal retentive moms do. I opened my go-to hover-mom app, healing BabySparks. On today’s schedule for the savvy 7 month old we were to “explore texture with baby-safe playdough!” A lightbulb went off in my brain, “Didn’t I pin something like that a while […]

6 Tips for Turning a Black Thumb Green(er)

“Hello, my name is CleverMom and I am a well intentioned black thumb.” “Hi CleverMom.” “It has been three months since my last killing.” “CleverMom….” “Okay fine, it’s been three weeks, but I’m getting better!” If anyone could use Black Thumbs Anonymous it would be me. Over the past few years I have damn near killed every green thing in a 100 feet radius of our house. As any northwest resident can attest, it takes […]

20 Simple Swaps for Eco-Friendly Living

Worried you have to give up convenience for green-ness? Well worry no more! Try these super easy swaps to get your life moving in an eco-friendly direction. (no compost bin necessary!) Reusable grocery bags. It’s a cliche suggestion because it’s a good one! To save even more money, troche instead of buying a bunch of new cloth ones reuse the plastic bags you already have. The are super easy to fold up and toss in your purse so […]

Confessions of a Gray Mom: What is a gray parent?

This is the first in a series of posts about gray parenting. Stay tuned for more! I was raised by a football coach who jokingly classified the world into two camps: winners and losers. He had a propensity for analyzing a person based on their car preference (i.e., here “Seems like a nice guy, but he drives a Chevy so he is obviously an idiot.”) and we didn’t play “HORSE” growing up; we played “LOSER.”  […]

Deep Thoughts from the Depths of Sleep Deprivation

In the depths of sleep deprivation, information pills many a thought enters the mom’s brain and rattles around attempting to incite chaos. These are those thoughts. (DUN. DUN.) <~ sound from law and order. Get it? Oh never mind… Is the baby breathing? (checks monitor) Ok yes. Good…wait. (checks monitor) The blanket is moving, help but that may just be me hoping he’s breathing. No, prescription that’s dumb. Of course he’s breathing, what else would […]

3 Things I Never Thought to Repurpose

In my effort to be more Eco-friendly, drug I have come across a wide array of tips and tricks via the interwebs. Many of them you’d be hard pressed to ever see me attempt. (i.e., making a cell phone charging station out of a toilet cleaner bottle… Uh… no). I have however happened upon a handful of surprisingly useful sustainability hacks that are so stupid simple I can’t believe they aren’t well known. 1. Mesh Fruit […]

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free “Mac and Cheese”

I don’t always experiment in the kitchen, viagra but when I do it’s because I’m jonesing for something I can’t have.  I have always been sensitive to gluten and dairy products, online but nursing the wee one has made it necessary for me to cut out all dairy (he goes exorcist on me if I even sniff cheese) and all but a serving a day of gluten (lest his eczema come back and turn him […]

What is EvolutioNEST?

Where Ma Ingalls aspirations evolve into merely avoiding dysentery on a daily basis. We call him the plan wrecker. I once thought that leaving my corporate career to be a SAHM would lead to blissful days of backyard homesteading, homemade jam, perfectly executed Moby wraps, pristine toilets, sci-fi marathons, and baby yoga. Because namaste people, namaste. Then the universe gifted me my spirited bundle of joy. I imagine it then sat back laughing so hard […]